Photographic Projects

Since its invention by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826, the medium of photography has provided us with widely different views of the worlds around (and within) us. Scientific and medical photographs give us a window onto a previously invisible world; news and documentary photographs describe the world as others experience it; advertising photographs tempt us with the sugar-plumb world of the sponsor's Product™; family snapshots record the world as we will subsequently remember it and, in fine art galleries, photographs of moments-of-the-world-as-art confront us with scenes and events made special by the photographer's attention.

Prompted by an intuitive 'tap on the shoulder' to a scene or event 'out there' that has caught our attention, some of us also make photographs to share our impressions with an audience as a way to suggest that "It looked like this ...and it made me feel this way".

The photographic projects at left are the result of my commitment to collaborate with the modus operandi of the photographic process in interpreting the Things In Front of the Lens - and so to make (rather than to 'take') these photographs.